Friday Thankfulness

Last week, we took our Friday to pause in thankfulness to our Heavenly Father for the gifts that He had given us in the past week. Today we asked Heather Cain to share with us a few things for which she is thankful. Heather, her husband Brett, and their two sons are part of the UFC family, help with our security detail on Sunday mornings, and serve the church in other ways. Heather owns a flower business, Petal Pink Flower Farm, located between Coburg and Harrisburg. We hope you’ll enjoy her flowers and other points of gratitude from the past week. What are you thankful for today? Leave us a note or a picture in the comment section below, or email your items to

Flowers! This has been a scary time for all small business owners, especially those of us producing a perishable product like flowers, but harvesting these beauties brings me so much joy! I’ve always marveled at how many different flowers God created. Their beauty is so encouraging. It’s a wonderful reminder that, even though so many things have stopped, life keeps moving forward, and there is still beauty to be found.

More Brett! Brett’s business in California has been shut down for several weeks, and even through the obvious stresses of that, we are both thankful for how much undivided attention he’s been able to put into our family. He’s been doing lots of fun projects with the boys and even cooking dinner frequently! I’m so thankful for how helpful and kind he is.

Harvesting flowers with Moses. This is normally a job that I sneak in before taking the kids to school, but it’s been wonderful to have them here to help me. Moses mastered the art of “pulling daffodils.” Yes, there is an art to it, and he is now in charge of harvesting that particular flower because he’s better at it than I!

Special time with Titus. Before this virus hit, Titus was in an “only friends, all the time” phase, and I was brainstorming ways to better connect with him. With all this extra time together, we’ve been able to listen to music, play games, bake cookies, and joke around in ways we wouldn’t have if normal busy life was happening.

We’re all pretty thankful for our goofy dog, LeeRoy, who’s always up for extra snuggles and who turned one this week. We can’t help being cheered up by him. He’s such a nut.

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