As Simple as Breathing

Time. This question of what I should be doing with mine has plagued me for a very long time (the irony, I know). It is why I chose to study simplicity in the first place. I just want to know what God wants me to do with my life! Part of our job as Christians is to wrestle with this question of what God wants us to do with our lives. What does He want? How does He want us to spend our time, our money, our talents?

One-Dress Simplicity

Carolyn Rust is a mother of two amazing young adults, an accountant for a furniture manufacturer, and a child of God. She loves knitting and cooking. She is learning to dig into the Word more and is finding that more and more fascinating. Today she shares with us her journey toward simplicity in her life. We know you will be encouraged!

Tapping the Source

How many of you thought we would be addressing our speech in a study on simplicity? The things we say, or don’t say, are a serious indication of our heart condition, and if we are striving to seek first the kingdom of God, to keep our focus solely on Him alone, then our speech, or refrain from it, will flow from that posture. 

Stuffies: Anything but Simple

On Thursday at Bible study, Brianna Hines shared about a woman in our church who once had a giant collection of stuffed animals. She promised that you'd get to hear the rest of the story here on the blog! Today it's a great joy to welcome Sarah Trent to share about her collection and what God did with it.

Buried Treasure

You know that verse we studied last week about our heart being wherever our treasure is (Matthew 6:21)? I got to thinking, where is my heart? What do I treasure that is revealing my true heart devotion? And then I had an even more terrifying thought: If a complete stranger were to sort through my house today, what would they notice? What would they see that I really treasure?