Psalm 121

Pair Psalm 121 with Jude verses 1 and 24 today as you read about God as our keeper, and then think on the following questions: What is God keeping you from? What is He keeping you for?

Book Club This Week!

We hope you're enjoying some sweet time in God's Word this summer and finding some safe ways to fellowship with your sisters in Christ. This week we're encouraging you to read in the Psalms with us and join us for some backyard fellowship. Click the link for details.

Jesus in the Psalms

When we allow a story to awaken our minds, we can imagine our feet on the ground in a specific place, at a certain time, and with a host of characters. Today at, Jaime Sherman takes us to First Century Galilee to witness how Jesus quoted the Psalms to silence His foes, cry out in agony to His Father, and fulfill many prophecies. Come along on a journey mixed with biblical truth and a measure of imagination to see how Jesus is present in this Old Testament collection of songs and prayers.

Psalm 120

The Psalms of Ascents begins in Psalm 120 with a cry of desperation. The psalmist is in distress and calls on the Lord to save him because he has found himself among the tents of Kedar, Ishmael’s descendants. He is not with his people but in a place of exile among evil people. How often do we find ourselves in need of rescue because of our own sins or the sins of those around us? Just like the psalmist needs a savior to rescue him, so we need to be rescued from ourselves and the evil in this world. Who do we turn to when we are overwhelmed with burdens and our situation? Use this psalm to prompt your prayer time today as you cry out to the Lord with what distresses you.