Good Work Requires Good Rest

Editor's Note: Welcome to the first day of Embracing God's Rest, a study that looks at the good gift of rest given to us by our good Heavenly Father in order to refresh us to do His good work. If you registered for the study, you will find an exclusive teaching link in your email inbox today. If you didn't register, no worries. You'll get to enjoy every other piece of the study here at Today Brianna Hines opens the study with a blog post that you may read and/or listen to as we've added a special podcast feature for this study. We hope you enjoy!

Sabbath Study to Begin

On Monday here at, we will launch Embracing God's Rest, a 5-week study on sabbath rest, the God-given break in our busy lives that is meant to refresh and to strengthen us to do His good work. This mostly online study will continue through Friday, February 12. It's not too late to sign up. Click here for the registration link.