Reflecting His Image

Greetings, Blog Readers. Our Monday posts this summer include several questions related to our journey through Jen Wilkin's book Ten Words to Live By and Exodus 20:1-17. They are meant to compliment the chapter and as points to discuss with friends, not as a replacement for her excellent questions for reflection. Today we're digging into Exodus 20:4-6 as we consider the undiminished worship of our Creator God.

This week at UFC

Join us this week for Conversation and Coffee groups and a special evening of fellowship, flower arranging, and dessert on a beautiful property in Coburg. Note: We will not have a park date this Thursday. Follow the link below and sign up ASAP for the evening gathering, which will be from 7 to 9 p.m. We'll email you the address before Thursday, so watch your inbox. If you have any questions, please email us at We hope to see you this week!

Praying for Haiti, a country in crisis

Cailyn Prewitt, our UFC missions intern, shares about the current crisis in Haiti, its long history of heartache, and how Chances for Children, a non-profit that UFC supports, is continuing to support the Haitian people. Her post includes her beautiful pictures of the Haitian landscape.