Glimpses of Rest, week 3

In this week's Scripture passages, we read how Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and how in Him we have freedom in how we celebrate the day of rest. With this freedom in mind, we are featuring different women each Friday to encourage you that just as you were uniquely created by God so your habits of rest should be unique, too. While one woman's practices may provide ideas for your own times of rest, they are not the outline for your story. God longs for you to establish your own routines and habits with His guidance. Today you'll see similarities and differences in the sabbath testimonies of Phares Gilchrist and Julie McKerrow, and we hope their stories encourage you in your story!

Finding the Sweet Spot of Sabbath

Welcome to the third week of Embracing God's Rest. Are you full of questions about how to best embrace a day of rest? Are you struggling with a legalist view of the Sabbath or wrestling with the desire to completely throw out the commandment to rest? Does it just feel too hard? Today Brianna Hines reminds us that Jesus tread that thin and rewarding line between rejection and suffocation of the Sabbath, and she encourages us to ask two simple questions when deciding how to spend the Sabbath.