Glimpses of Rest, week 5

We hope you've enjoyed this Friday Q & A feature as you've gotten to know a few of our UFC women just a bit better. As we shift to journeying through the Gospel of John next week, we plan to continue featuring our women but in a little different format. Watch for these special posts on Thursdays beginning next week! For today, it's a privilege to introduce you to Lauren Carper and Gloria Ubel.

Doing Sabbath Right

Throughout this series on sabbath, we have heard the same question over and over again: “How do I do the Sabbath right?” We want to do things the right way, the way God intends us to, but following a set of rules isn't what sabbath is about. Today Brianna shares the joy and freedom that the Lord gives us as we approach rest. You won't want to miss this wrap-up post.

Glimpses of Rest, week 4

We are excited to welcome Joy and Bethany to this little corner of the internet today. While the women of UFC don't have many opportunities to see each other face-to-face in this season of masks and restricted gatherings, we are so thankful for the women who graciously agreed to share a bit of their stories with you. Our hope is that through this feature you get to know a few of your sisters in Christ just a bit better. Both of today's highlighted women have served as Bible study leaders at UFC and continue to do much within the current limitations to encourage the women in their lives. May their stories of learning to rest in the Lord encourage you today!