Ponder and Pray: John 8-10

We have landed in three incredible chapters this week that show us more about the character of Jesus and how He interacted with the people around Him, including a woman caught in adultery and a blind man given sight. When we place ourselves within the biblical narrative, we cast off the idea that studying God’s Word is purely academic. Join us today as we picture ourselves in the narrative of John 8-10.

Heaven Comes to Earth

Welcome to the first week of Come and See, a journey through the Gospel of John. We believe that pausing to engage with the Bible each and every day allows the truth to sink deeply into our hearts and minds, so we encourage you to read chapters 1 and 2 this week, reread them, listen to them, or write them out. Each day we'll have something new here on the blog to help you engage with the section. If you missed Saturday's introductory post, we encourage you to go back and review it and listen to the podcast as they set up the background for the book of John and for our time together. Today we offer you a podcast with teaching from Jamie Harms.