Solid Ground

Here we are, diving into another Bible study. It seems to me like the last two years have been a blur. Change after change has rattled my routine and our church. We have had to be flexible, think on our feet, and hold loosely the things we always thought would be stable. All of the balancing and readjusting has been exhausting for me, and I would imagine for you, too. It takes a lot of energy to weather disappointment, plans that change once, twice, seven times, and so many unmet expectations. It can leave us feeling shaken, and not just frazzled, but shaken like a soda can bouncing around a pickup bed going 60 down a gravel road! I can’t take much more of this. One more change and I am fit to burst and spray debris all over the nearest unfortunate victim. I have realized that I am desperately craving a patch of solid ground.

Doing Sabbath Right

Throughout this series on sabbath, we have heard the same question over and over again: “How do I do the Sabbath right?” We want to do things the right way, the way God intends us to, but following a set of rules isn't what sabbath is about. Today Brianna shares the joy and freedom that the Lord gives us as we approach rest. You won't want to miss this wrap-up post.

Practice Praising God

One way we prepare our hearts for the Sabbath is through thanksgiving. The act of thanking God for the little and big, the easy and hard things of life allows us to acknowledge that all good things come from our Father. Through thanksgiving, we accept His gifts and worship Him for His goodness. In the discipline of slowing down each day to count even just a few things for which we are thankful, we see God’s work around us in new ways.