UFC is Weird

UFC is a weird church. I have been a part of six churches thus far in my life. I have heard the sermons, volunteered in the ministries, attended the events, and gotten to know the people in each of these churches, but of all six of them, UFC is definitely the weirdest. I will tell you why: I never stop hearing the gospel! It’s everywhere! UFC is like a broken record endlessly repeating the good news of Jesus! 

Practice Testifying: Marla Pellum

We count it a joy to welcome Marla Pellum to the blog today for our sixth and final testimony in our Come and See series. You met her sister, Gina Hedlind, last week as she shared her faith journey. While these women have common experiences, especially from childhoods in a deeply religious but empty church tradition, God has given them unique stories for His glory. We praise Him!