Praising: John 15-16

Most of the hymns in our Come and See series didn’t garner much attention when they were first published. Most of their writers were penniless Sunday school teachers or parish preachers who were faithfully communicating biblical truth to the people in their sphere of influence. Some like the hymn writer we’re featuring today weren’t even professional writers. But through the years, their quiet projects became some of the most-loved, most-published, and most-sung hymns of the Church today.

Praising: John 5-7

So many hymns of the past, just like this week’s, began as poems meant to convey simple truths about God. The accounts of Jesus feeding thousands of men, women, and children near the Sea of Galilee inspired Mary Artemisia Lathbury (1841-1913) to write the first two stanzas of Break Thou the Bread of Life in 1877.