Sin, Separation, and a Promise

Yesterday we lingered with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to celebrate God’s original plan for humankind, knowing that the peace of the garden would be quickly disrupted by the Creator’s enemy, one disguised in snakeskin and armed with questions to instill doubt about God’s goodness. Now we turn the page to Genesis 3 and meet this cold-blooded reptile that was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made (Genesis 3:1). And we grieve the first sin.

A Scarlet Cord of Hope

Welcome to A Scarlet Cord of Hope, the 2021 advent series of University Fellowship Church Women written and read by Jaime Sherman, who penned our Christmastime narratives from biblical, Jewish, and historical sources to tell how God wove hope from creation to the creche and who continues to point us to the final fulfillment of hope in the one-day-soon second coming of Jesus Christ.

Eyes Fixed on the Goodness of God

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Friends! We are touched that you are taking a few precious minutes to pause in the busyness of holiday preparations to be with us. Today we're sharing a written (and audio!) post by Jaime Sherman on the practice of fixing our eyes on the goodness of God. The feature also includes a look ahead to our advent series, Thanksgiving songs to enjoy this week, sections to read from the Bible, reflection questions, and a brief look at the first Thanksgiving in the New World 400 years ago.