Falling Off the Wagon & Getting Back On

Physical Faith, Part 5: Well, I failed. Here I am writing this series on healthy living and I am thoroughly bruised from my recent fall off the exercise wagon. Man, it sucks to be here — again. It seems like just when I get some good momentum going, life takes a turn and all of my hard work falls by the wayside. I can’t necessarily blame “life” for this either because I am the one making most of these major life decisions that keep rocking my routine, like moving into the house we just bought. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that I fell, hard, out of the habit of exercising. What’s a girl to do about it?

Building a Supportive Environment

Physical Faith, Part 4: Take it from someone who knows, creating a supportive environment is three-quarters of the battle when it comes to sticking with healthy living. Every addict knows that after they get sober, if they jump right back into the same friend group, hangout spots, or environment at home, they will fail every time. Why is that? Because as committed as we are to staying clean, each of us only has a fixed and finite amount of willpower at our disposal each day. If we have to use up our entire allotment trying our best not to eat those darn cookies staring at us from the kitchen counter, we will have nothing left to meet the barrage of other temptations that meet us throughout our day. If we want to stay clean, we have to create a clean environment, one that uses up as little of our willpower as humanly possible.