Remember to Not Forget

Congratulations, Dear Friends! You have now journeyed through the Ten Words, the moral laws from Exodus 20 that God gave His people to guide them through life with Him and with others. My hope is that you’ve concluded this study with a new or refreshed view of the beautiful relationship the God of the universe longs to have with each one of us. As we’ve explored what expansive obedience to the Ten Words looks like, a list of “shall nots” has become a love letter from our God

The Truth, the Whole Truth

This week we are in Exodus 20:16 as we look at the importance of a truthful testimony. While we find many verses throughout the Bible admonishing us to not lie, especially in Proverbs, this verse from Exodus is a specific command against speaking mistruths about the people in our lives. Let's jump right into reviewing the Ten Commandments and then ponder how we speak about other people.

But I Really Wanted It

Dear Jesus, You have told us that the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, while You came to earth that all might have life and have it in abundance (John 10:10). As we have seen the enemy steal, kill, and destroy in horrific ways, our hearts have broken, and we admit that at times we've said, "Well, at least I didn't steal that." But we know that we have broken Your eighth command time after time and our sin is just as grievous to You as theirs. As we enter our study this week, open our eyes to see how our own sin has stolen life from others. Guide us in all truth and protect us from the schemes of the enemy, including the distractions that aren't from You. May we be humble as You sanctify us to reflect You in all we think, say, and do. We love You, Lord.

Honoring Marriage

In the Hebrew language, God’s seventh word to His people is simply two words, but as we unpack it, we discover that obedience to the heart of this commandment is rarely a simple endeavor. We will each pull out of our study this week different points that speak to our individual stories and challenge how we think about and act to faithfully preserve the covenant of marriage whether currently married or single.