Can This Curse Become a Blessing?

Physical Faith, Part 7: How many battles have I fought to overcome my unhealth with just my willpower alone? For so many years, I said to myself, “You got yourself into this, it is your responsibility to get yourself out.” Oh, how I wish I could have seen earlier what a fool I was for not letting God be the source of my strength, for not asking the Creator of my body to give me the help and motivation to take care of it! My stubborn independence just left me more and more discouraged each time I would fail, year after year. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Praising: John 5-7

So many hymns of the past, just like this week’s, began as poems meant to convey simple truths about God. The accounts of Jesus feeding thousands of men, women, and children near the Sea of Galilee inspired Mary Artemisia Lathbury (1841-1913) to write the first two stanzas of Break Thou the Bread of Life in 1877.