• Praying Ruth 1
    By Jaime Sherman Women love love stories whether found between the pages of a book, on the big screen, or from the narration of another person, so it’s easy to approach our study of Ruth as just another book, movie, or conversation. But the book of Ruth is so much more than a love story … Continue reading Praying Ruth 1
  • Ruth 1 & 2: Tried and True
    By Jasmine Timm “I asked myself the question, ‘How can I see God more clearly?’ and then I thought, ‘You already have!’” My husband shared these words with me early one morning as I staggered from our bedroom into the living room, where he was sitting and reading his Bible. I had been awake for … Continue reading Ruth 1 & 2: Tried and True
  • Praying Ruth 2
    By Jaime Sherman Last week Naomi, whose name means pleasant, left us with an impassioned declaration that she should now be called Mara, meaning bitter. She said, “For the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me. I went away full, and the LORD has brought me back empty…the LORD has testified against me and the … Continue reading Praying Ruth 2
  • Ruth 3: The Best Love Story
    By Jamie Harms Ruth chapter 3 perplexes me, leaving me with more questions than answers. “If Ruth was a woman of character as demonstrated in previous chapters, why does she willing go in the middle of the night to make an inquiry of a man merry with wine?” “Why would Naomi instruct Ruth to do … Continue reading Ruth 3: The Best Love Story
  • Praying Ruth 3
    By Jaime Sherman God consistently puts images in our viewfinder to remind us of His faithfulness, love, and protection. He gives us the rainbow as His promise to never again send a flood to destroy the earth. He gives us beautiful flowers of the field and birds of the air to remind us that there … Continue reading Praying Ruth 3
  • Ruth 4: We Need a King
    By Jasmine Timm I took a math class in college that left me feeling more confused than I have ever been. It was titled, “Fundamentals of Elementary Math.” I thought, “How hard could elementary math be?” so I went ahead and signed up. I was very wrong. We spent the first two weeks adding and … Continue reading Ruth 4: We Need a King
  • Reflecting on Redemption
    By Phares Gilchrist I like to go to estate sales. Over the years I have seen a pattern — valuables in the living room, casual but nice in the kitchens, dining rooms, and family rooms, Christmas stuff in one room, office supplies in another, tools and gardening in the garage. Often in the garage there … Continue reading Reflecting on Redemption
  • Do Not Call Me Pleasant
    By Jaime Sherman When I was a child, people used the adjective “shy” and “timid” to describe me, and by mere repetition of the adjective-turned-noun, I believed those descriptors were who I was to my core. Talking to people terrified me and trying new things brought me to hysterics. In fifth grade, my grandfather, a … Continue reading Do Not Call Me Pleasant
  • Identity Rooted in Love
    By Jaime Sherman God formed each of us for His glory. The poetry of the Psalms speaks of our self-existent, self-sufficient God weaving each of us together bit by bit in our mothers’ wombs to be unique tapestries of beauty and complexity — reflections of Him (Psalm 139:13-14). He uses the word “knitted,” which is … Continue reading Identity Rooted in Love
  • Truth vs. Lies
    This week as we reflect on God’s Word, Jaime Sherman takes us to several passages to show how what we think determines our emotions and then our actions. She encourages us to take every thought captive, determining whether we’re believing truth or lies, and then in community with others, to speak biblical truth over one … Continue reading Truth vs. Lies
  • Welcoming the Outsider
    Rahab was a prostitute, an outsider in the social storyline of Jericho, and she was a Canaanite marked for death by the God of Heaven and Earth. But God had a plan for her because her heart had turned toward Him.