• Glimpses of Rest
    Karen Culver and Faye Miller share with us today about how they have viewed work and rest over the years and how God is teaching them about His good gift of sabbath rest.
  • Practicing Rest
    Before we dive into the practice of sabbath rest (later in this post), we need to clarify that how we hold the Sabbath day does not determine our salvation. We have been saved by grace alone and not by any works that we can do (Ephesians 2:8-9). In fact, we received the ultimate rest from our Heavenly Father as a gift while we were still sinners and considered His enemies (Romans 5:9).
  • Pondering Three Words
    Today we’re going to look at three Hebrew words found in this week’s Old Testament readings, ask ourselves a few questions, and then pray.
  • Pausing with the Lord
    When God breathed out His Word to men of old, He delivered timeliness messages that are relevant and personal for each of us today. As you read and listen to the passages for this week’s Embracing God’s Rest study, may you slow down and soak in His words of love for you. Look for what each section says about God and His character. Tomorrow we’ll give you several questions to ponder, but for today, we encourage you to simply pause and soak in the words. Click for the full post and audio — a shout out to Sarah Tompkins, our voice today!
  • Good Work Requires Good Rest
    Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first day of Embracing God’s Rest, a study that looks at the good gift of rest given to us by our good Heavenly Father in order to refresh us to do His good work. If you registered for the study, you will find an exclusive teaching link in your email inbox today. If you didn’t register, no worries. You’ll get to enjoy every other piece of the study here at ufcwomen.blog. Today Brianna Hines opens the study with a blog post that you may read and/or listen to as we’ve added a special podcast feature for this study. We hope you enjoy!