Psalms 2019

  • Psalms of Ascent: April 11th
    So often we fly through this season without slowing down to prepare our hearts for Easter. We don’t take the time to remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, His death, and His resurrection. When we look into Scripture, we see how God prescribed for His people a day of rest every week — the Sabbath … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 11th
  • Psalms of Ascent: April 12th
    I am constantly amazed at how fast I can forget something. I forget not only my keys, the rest of my sentence, the meal I enjoyed last week, the gift from a friend on my last birthday, and what my God has done for me. The Israelites were no different. Thus, they established memorials, feasts, … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 12th
  • Psalms of Ascent: April 13th
    The psalmist uses the picture of mountains to describe those who are secure in the Lord. The mountains provided safety from enemies, shelter from weather, and a vantage point to be ready for what may be coming. It is noted in this psalm that we do not achieve this security and confidence in our own … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 13th
  • Psalms of Ascent: April 14th
    Psalm 126 begins with joy at remembering God’s restoration in the past as the psalmist reflects on life from his current vantage point of sorrow. However, he is not without hope. As he remembers the joy in times past, he can hold onto hope amidst sorrow. He uses the illustration of agriculture as he sows … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 14th
  • Psalms of Ascent: April 15th
    The travelers on the road to Jerusalem were seeking the hope of forgiveness. They recognized the depth of their own sin and cry out for forgiveness and mercy from the Lord. They cling to the hope that their redeemer is coming. We have the benefit of hindsight and know that Jesus Christ is Israel’s redeemer … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 15th
  • Psalms of Ascent: April 16th
    When we choose to surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ, we find rest and contentment. Psalms 131 shows us a picture of this contentment as the psalmist has a right view of himself because he has a right view of God. He can be calm and quiet in God’s presence because he is forgiven and … Continue reading Psalms of Ascent: April 16th
  • Cultivating Deep Roots
    The UFC women’s ministry team talks much about equipping and encouraging women to be rooted in God’s Word, for the one who is established in the ways of Jesus will continue to bear much fruit even when the hard days come (Jeremiah 17:7-8). As we look back on a year of hardship, look forward to a year of hope, and prepare for our upcoming study Embracing God’s Rest, set to begin next Monday, January 11, we think it’s fitting to review how we cultivate deep roots in the way of Jesus. Psalm 1 provides a beautiful outline for how to do this, so beginning today and running through Friday, we will look at one aspect of this psalm each day.
  • Meditate Day and Night
    Join us today for the second part of the weeklong series Cultivating Deep Roots based on Psalm 1.
  • Choose Good Friends
    Who are your three? Today we’re looking at the importance of close friends as we remain rooted in the Lord.
  • Count Blessings
    Counting blessings isn’t just for the month of November when our country celebrates Thanksgiving. Today we ask you whether you’ll embrace the daily practice of naming the ways God is blessing you.
  • Rest in What Brings Life
    In our final post in this week’s series Cultivating Deep Roots, we’re looking at rest to ready ourselves for our January-February study Embracing God’s Rest. Sign up before Monday for this study!