The Best Invitation

Today at, Carol Lazar writes of the great joy we can experience as we approach the throne of grace.

Standing in the Gap

She describes herself as “a missionary who never wanted to be one,” but God changed this woman’s heart after a single, international missions trip in 2009. Today she shares with us a few words about praying for those who have been called “to go.” Join us at

Wherever I Go

Today at, a faithful Jesus follower reflects on a simple phrase at the end of her daddy’s prayers that is helping her during a season of great transition.

A Learned Skill

Join Jamie Harms as she shows us a pattern within The Lord’s Prayer that we can use as a model for our own prayer lives.

Holding One Another Up in Prayer

In Exodus 17, Moses along with Aaron and Hur watched from an overlooking hill as God’s people battled their enemies. As long as Moses’ hands were extended heavenward, the Israelites experienced victory. When Moses’ hands slumped from fatigue, the enemies began to route Israel. Thus, until the Amalakites were completely defeated, Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses and physically held up his hands when he could no longer do so on his own. The story in Exodus reminds me of a story from my friend, Kathleen Harwood…

Beauty for Ashes

We can name many horrible things related to coronavirus. People are sick and some are dying, workers have lost their jobs, relationships struggle as people live in close quarters, and schools are closed, to name just a few. However, even in the midst of the hard, God can redeem a situation and make something beautiful from it.

Head Outside with God

Editor’s Note: Each week with our Daily Joy postings, you will find posts that encourage us to keep our perspective focused on our great God. The posts will include practical ways to spend time at home, things to consider for our mental and physical health, prayer prompts, ways to be in God’s Word, and a pause for thankfulness in midst of our circumstances. Today, we encourage you to focus some time in prayer.