Proverbs 14

Throwing aside folly to achieve wisdom isn’t a one-time achievement in life but a moment-by-moment choice as we navigate through daily decisions and the actions that follow. We see from Proverbs 14 that when our eyes aren’t fixed on God and His best for us, even the wise woman can easily and quickly become a fool.

Proverbs 13

We have 25 incredible verses in Proverbs 13 full of nuggets of wisdom, but today we’re just going to look at verse 20 to consider who we are doing life with both in-person and online. Our answers just might help us see whether we are setting ourselves up to be wise or foolish people.

Proverbs 12

Proverbs 12 reminds us to be diligent as we move through our days. Contrasting the diligent one with the lazy or slothful person (vs. 24 and 27), our wisdom giver says hard work will bring blessing, while the frivolity of the one who lacks sense will bring poverty.

Proverbs 11

In this chapter, the phrases “remains silent” (vs. 12) and “keeps a thing covered” (vs. 13) jumped out at me. I’m a journalist by training who loves to report a good and sometimes fantastic story for the world to hear, one that clarifies the facts. As a reporter, I worked diligently, especially in local government reporting, to uncover what was hidden, to bring forth the truth. While I am very aware that playing reporter in relationships is damaging, I’m faced with questions today in Proverbs 11 that deserve some thought. Maybe you’re like me and enjoy sharing reports of people and happenings. If so, I hope you’ll join me in today’s reflection.

Proverbs 10

The emergency alert came to my phone early Monday afternoon that “hot, dry, and potentially historic strong easterly winds” were expected. The warning briefly brought to mind the verse from Proverbs 10 that I had just read that morning about the tempest, a strong storm wind with destructive forces. When the forecasted winds came later in the day, bringing heavy smoke and ash, I returned to verse 25 and then opened to Matthew 7:24-27 for the reminder that no matter what literal or figurative storm comes my way I will be eternally secure because my foundation is Jesus Christ.