Tackling Mom Life Together

During this past season of stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and capacity limits, young mamas at UFC have worked hard to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by gathering every other week to share tears and laughter, to discuss gospel-centered motherhood, and to pray — and all with free childcare for their littles and a yummy brunch spread before them. During a school year that felt heavy in so many ways, these women, including the mentor moms among them, supported each other during their Monday gatherings and throughout the long weeks. Read more…

Creative Worship

You don’t have to be an artist or even considered “crafty” to worship God through creativity. Today at Joanna Sheppard describes ways that anyone can be creative as a reflection of God’s image.

Craving Consistency: Marriage Edition

The last two weeks we’ve been sharing ideas on how to create consistent rhythms and schedules for our days. Created in God’s image, we thrive in atmospheres of order, peace, and beauty. Our hearts crave consistency in our schedules, relationships, and also in our marriages. In this season, as we face the unknown future of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you’ll be encouraged to invest in the gift of your marriage with ideas from this article by Joanna Sheppard and Brianna Hines.

Craving Consistency: Weekend Edition

Last Monday I wrote about ways we can be consistent in our weekdays by planning schedules for daily routines. Today we will look at ways to set the weekend apart since the days can run together without our normal outings. With some foresight and creativity, we can craft that longed for separation between our weekdays and weekends. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Craving Consistency: Weekday Edition

Happy Monday, Friends! For today’s Daily Joy, Joanna Sheppard writes to fellow moms with some thoughts on how to evaluate and create a weekday routine for one’s family. Read her post at

The Gift of Homeschooling

Parents have become instant home educators in recent days as they face this unprecedented time in world history. Whether they are teaching colors, manners and potty essentials to littles, following distance learning options, or continuing the homeschool year, educating their children looms large on their hearts. Teaching one’s own children can be overwhelming to the most experienced teachers, but especially so to first timers. It’s a season that is without a doubt a challenge, but also a gift as families have the opportunity to grow together. I’ve invited Sarah Schafer, a 6-year homeschooling mama from UFC, to give us mamas some perspective and practical encouragement.