• This Is What We’ve Trained For
    Editor’s Note: Every Thursday for the past two years, Kathleen Harwood has played a huge role in getting UFC women into God’s Word, gathering them together for Bible study. Kathleen’s passion for God’s Word is infectious as she teaches women, writes studies, and trains leaders. Today in our Daily Joy post, she shares how God’s Word does not come back void, how it bears fruit in our lives, especially during such a time as this.
  • Fecklessness Meet Faithfulness
    By Phares Gilchrist A good Bible study should not just affect our immediate grasp of the subject matter, but should continue to rattle around in our thinking for not just days or weeks, but months and years. Such is the case with the recent study of Joshua in the Thursday women’s Bible study. I have … Continue reading Fecklessness Meet Faithfulness
  • Three Lessons from Joshua
    Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies! We hope you take time this long holiday weekend to reflect on the many ways God has been faithful in your life in the past year. We’re looking forward to see you next Thursday, December 5, for our final week of study together in Joshua. This week we have the privilege of … Continue reading Three Lessons from Joshua
  • Anxious Christians and an All-present God
    Editor’s note: Given the topic of anxiety that arises within the book of Joshua, we felt it important to cover this topic in greater detail. Please note that this is an educational piece intended to help us understand the realities of clinical anxiety, as well as how to address it as Christians. That being said, … Continue reading Anxious Christians and an All-present God
  • Ask Us: Question #2
    Is God’s command to Joshua to vanquish Canaan genocide? Phares Gilchrist Answers: No. It may seem like a hairsplitter, but genocide is ethnic cleansing. This was not racial animosity. It was facing a foe, who viewed God, the concept of holiness, and your entire population, with contempt. There were those in Canaan who were spared. … Continue reading Ask Us: Question #2
  • Lingering in Gratitude
    By Jaime Sherman Our nation’s capital is home to hundreds of rock-hewn memorials and monuments that ask its 25 million visitors annually to pause between photo ops and hot dog stands to remember. To remember the military conflicts that threatened our country’s freedom. To remember the men and women who sacrificed their time, and in … Continue reading Lingering in Gratitude
  • Glorifying God in the Confession of Sin
    By Jaime Sherman I had an “ah-ha” moment in the past week concerning my prayer life, and it came from an unlikely section in the book of Joshua. But I really shouldn’t have been surprised, for… All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in … Continue reading Glorifying God in the Confession of Sin
  • Killing and the Love and Grace of God
    By Phares Gilchrist A whole lotta preparation has gone on to get us to this point, and I don’t just mean Moses, Joshua and the children of Israel. Our western culture has been grooming us to accept or reject the events to come in the next few chapters of Joshua. We are faced with binary … Continue reading Killing and the Love and Grace of God
  • Welcoming the Outsider
    Rahab was a prostitute, an outsider in the social storyline of Jericho, and she was a Canaanite marked for death by the God of Heaven and Earth. But God had a plan for her because her heart had turned toward Him.
  • Changed in the Wrestling
    By Jamie Harms One of my favorite stories in the Bible is found in Genesis 32 in which Jacob wrestles with God all night in hand-to-hand combat. I imagine their bodies intertwined, struggling against one another with no rest until the sun appeared on the horizon. In the midst of the struggle, God touched Jacob’s … Continue reading Changed in the Wrestling
  • Thoughts on Joshua
    By Phares Gilchrist I’ve taken a different approach to reading through the Bible these last couple of years. It suits me well but requires I resist some spiritual peer pressure. I have been reading slowly. Not every day. And thinking differently about what I am reading. In other words, I’m not looking for the broad … Continue reading Thoughts on Joshua
  • Confused Yet Committed
    By Jasmine Timm A couple weekends ago, my husband and I worked our way through The Lord of the Rings movies. If you know anything about the movies or books, it is an intense story of good versus evil. As we watched, there were several instances where we found ourselves hiding our faces behind blankets, … Continue reading Confused Yet Committed
  • Joshua Study Begins Thursday!
    The time has finally arrived for us to kick off our UFC Women’s fall Bible study this Thursday, October 10! The study guides are printed, the leaders trained, the treats planned, and the time prayed for. The only thing left for us is to gather with our Bibles and open hearts for what God is … Continue reading Joshua Study Begins Thursday!
  • Join us in Joshua
    Hello, Sweet Sisters of UFC, Today I’m sending you a personal invitation to attend the UFC Women’s fall study in the Old Testament book of Joshua, which begins Thursday, Oct. 10. I confidently believe that this study will touch you just where you are in life whether you have yet to place your trust in … Continue reading Join us in Joshua
  • Share the Ball
    We can become so wrapped up in the moment or distracted by what is going on in our lives that we miss opportunities to bring joy to the children around us.
  • Treasure Hunting
    By Kathleen Harwood Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rummage around in the attic and find a painting worth millions? Or be digging in your garden and uncover a chest containing a long-lost fortune? Suddenly, and without warning, you are the owner of a priceless treasure! What would you do? Would … Continue reading Treasure Hunting
  • Finding Time for What Matters
    By Jamie Harms Throughout my day, I have opportunities to prioritize what matters most to me. I read books in car lines, finish Bible studies at basketball practice, make phone calls to friends while grocery shopping, and sleep past my alarm more times than I can count — or would like to admit — figuring … Continue reading Finding Time for What Matters