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Lorraine M. Thomas is a faithful servant at UFC, Bible study leader, and accredited financial coach. She helps followers of Jesus make wise financial decisions in times like these. She can be found online at It is a joy to welcome her as a contributor to

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“Fear and Finances: How should we as believers navigate the stock market in times like these?” April 28, 2020

“Starting the Personal Finance Conversation,” April 7, 2020

Helpful Articles

Here are articles that Lorraine has vetted and shares with you today as you evaluate your finances in this ever-changing economic climate.

What non-tax filers need to know about economic impact payments
How to submit your information to receive the payment if you don’t receive your payment automatically.

Beware of scams related to the coronavirus
Recognize and prevent fraud and scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

What you need to know about student loans and the coronavirus pandemic
Federally held student loan payments are postponed and interest has been waived. Learn what that means for your loans.

Guide to coronavirus mortgage relief options
If you can’t make your mortgage payments because of the coronavirus, start by understanding your options and reaching out for help.

Budgeting templates

Online resources for budgeting sheets abound. Lorraine shares three time-tested resources here.