Camp Agape Update

As promised, we have an update for you on last weekend’s Camp Agape, which was held at Camp Harlow in northwest Eugene for 163 children and teens impacted by incarceration. The Agape Families team along with roughly 140 volunteers led by Faith Gilchrist appreciated your prayers. Thank you!

Praying for Camp Agape

On Thursday more than 200 children and teenagers impacted by incarceration arrived at Camp Harlow in northeast Eugene for a three-night camp designed just for them. They were met by an incredible team of volunteers, men, women, and in many cases, entire families, who are invested in bringing the hope found in Jesus Christ to these young people. Today we’re sharing ways you can pray throughout the weekend for Camp Agape.

Praying for Afghanistan and Haiti

Afghanistan and Haiti have been in the news throughout the week as crisis deepens within each country. As we listen to the reports, our hearts break for the men, women, and children who are suffering. While we cannot fly into these countries to minister on the ground, we can pray to the One who is in control. Join us today as we learn how to pray specifically for the people and circumstances they are facing.

Friday Feature: Ariel Sax

Today we have the privilege of hearing from Ariel Sax, who attended UFC during her college years and is now in Denver, Colorado, where she’s serving with Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS).

Friday Feature: Kathleen Harwood

Kathleen Harwood has done many things in her life, but one of her favorites is teaching women to read and to believe the Bible. She is thankful that she has had opportunities to continue to pursue that passion at UFC. Today Kathleen shares with us about a special ministry in Uganda that is close to her heart.

Friday Feature: Sheila Wolf

One of the ministries UFC supports is Dove Medical, a prenatal medical clinic in Eugene that specializes in pregnancy diagnosis and decision-making. It is a joy to have one of the clinic’s registered nurses, Sheila Wolf, share a bit about herself today.

Friday Feature: Karen Leslie

Today Karen Leslie shares about her “behind-the-scenes” role as she and her husband Glenn minister with Youth for Christ/Campus Life. They live in Creswell and attend UFC, where Karen has been a cheerleader for and encourager of young mamas. It’s a joy to have her share with us a bit more about their ministry.

Praying for Haiti, a country in crisis

Cailyn Prewitt, our UFC missions intern, shares about the current crisis in Haiti, its long history of heartache, and how Chances for Children, a non-profit that UFC supports, is continuing to support the Haitian people. Her post includes her beautiful pictures of the Haitian landscape.

Friday Feature: Jan Smith

Jan Smith and her husband Dan have worked with International Students, Inc. on the University of Oregon campus for 34 years, and today we have the privilege of sharing four stories of how God is bringing students from around the world into their lives.

Friday Feature: Linda Grimaud

Linda Grimaud, and her husband Robert, are finishing up a stint of service to the Loftstofan Baptistakakirkja Church in the capital city of Reykjavik, Iceland. Today she shares with us a bit about their time in Iceland and how we can be praying for them.

Friday Feature: Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell and her husband Stowe served with Navigators on the University of Oregon campus for more than seven years and faithfully attended UFC before relocating to Christchurch, New Zealand six years ago with their three sons — Tristan (16 in July), Brody (14), and Ethan (almost 12). Today they work with Navigators World Missions to reach future leaders of this post-Christian country with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a joy to catch up with Sarah and learn how to pray for her in this season of her life and ministry.

So Many Blessings

We welcome Cailyn P. to our Friday Thankfulness feature, which wraps up ufcwomen.blog’s missions week.

I kept stirring…I keep striving

Today at ufcwomen.blog, we are featuring a UFC missionary, who is currently gaining additional language training in France. She is studying “In His Image” with a UFC small group via Zoom each Thursday, and in this post she reflects on patience — and the process of making créme pâtissière!

Standing in the Gap

She describes herself as “a missionary who never wanted to be one,” but God changed this woman’s heart after a single, international missions trip in 2009. Today she shares with us a few words about praying for those who have been called “to go.” Join us at ufcwomen.blog.

Wherever I Go

Today at ufcwomen.blog, a faithful Jesus follower reflects on a simple phrase at the end of her daddy’s prayers that is helping her during a season of great transition.

Gardening and a Missional Life

We’re featuring different missionary women this week at ufcwomen.blog, and it’s an honor to welcome Amy to this little corner of the web as she reflects on gardening and a missional life.

Missions Week

Hi Ladies, We have a treat for you this coming week! Click on the link to read more…

Encounters: Missionary Hannah Plowden

Editor’s Note: This feature in the Encounters with Evangelists series was written several weeks ago by Phares Gilchrist about her aunt, who was a missionary in China and Hawaii in the 1900s. We feel it’s fitting to run today as we each face a call by God to minister exactly where He has placed us in this time in history. With borders closed to commercial traffic, it’s nearly impossible to leave our homeland to serve overseas, but God isn’t asking us to stop ministering. Just as Phares’ aunt chose to begin sharing the love of Jesus where she was forced to disembark on a trip back to China, we also have the opportunity to be missionaries exactly where we have been told to pause.

Total Surrender

Editor’s Note: This reflection and artwork come from artist and Jesus follower Ellie Escobar, who lives on Vancouver Island. Since I met Ellie last fall on an airplane to Washington, D.C., and shared her story and testimony with you in January, she has followed our blog and sent me regular encouragement from God’s Word. Ellie has expressed on several occasions that she and her sister — along with their Bible study groups in British Columbia and in Europe — have been praying for us, their sisters in the Lord here in Oregon. What a gift, especially as we enter the uncharted waters of COVID-19. With Ellie’s permission, we are posting her words to me this week alongside a piece of her artwork that is especially fitting. Many Blessings, Jaime Sherman

Encounters with Evangelists: Parents

Editor’s Note: In the series “Encounters with Evangelists,” UFC Women share stories of people who have influenced their walks with Jesus. Today Ginny Riley, who was instrumental in the discipleship of many UFC women during her years in Eugene, writes about how her parents consistently shared with her the good news of faith in Jesus. It is an honor to welcome her to this little online corner.

Encounters: Little Evangelists

What do you think of when you hear the word evangelism? Maybe you recall knocking on doors, missions trips, or curbside testifying. But there’s also a more general form of evangelism, one that is profound without the use of biblical tenets. There’s hardly a better example than the wonder in creation being shared by a little child.

Ellie Escobar in Her Own Words

Editor’s Note: In the series Encounters with Evangelists, UFC Women explore how face-to-face interactions with messengers proclaiming the Good News of faith in Jesus Christ leave priceless marks upon our lives. Today we offer part two of a feature on Ellie Escobar, a Vancouver Island artist and Jesus follower. She shares her testimony below along with the stories behind several of her paintings, all of which are shared here with her permission.

Encounters with Evangelists: Ellie Escobar

Editor’s Note: In the series Encounters with Evangelists, UFC Women explore how face-to-face interactions with messengers proclaiming the Good News of faith in Jesus Christ leave priceless marks upon our lives. We open today with a feature about a Vancouver Island artist and Jesus follower whom I met on a flight to Washington, D.C., this past October. It’s a joy to share her story and her artwork with you. — Jaime Sherman

Don’t Miss What’s Next

UFC Women has an exciting winter ahead here online and face-to-face as we look at the topic of evangelism, and then delve into a new study of the New Testament letter of Jude.  Beginning Thursday, January 16, Pastor Brett Gilchrist will take the UFC family through the three-week Continuing Ed class Ambassadors of the Kingdom … Continue reading Don’t Miss What’s Next