Embracing God’s Rest

We need sabbath more than we realize. It is God’s gift of rest that gives us the strength to do His good work.

Finding the Sweet Spot of Sabbath

Welcome to the third week of Embracing God’s Rest. Are you full of questions about how to best embrace a day of rest? Are you struggling with a legalist view of the Sabbath or wrestling with the desire to completely throw out the commandment to rest? Does it just feel too hard? Today Brianna Hines reminds us that Jesus tread that thin and rewarding line between rejection and suffocation of the Sabbath, and she encourages us to ask two simple questions when deciding how to spend the Sabbath.

Glimpses of Rest, week 2

Today we welcome two lovely Bible study leaders, Lorraine Thomas and Sara Nelson, to our Q & A feature. Both women began their professional lives in the financial world and understand Brianna Hines’ comment that America is a work-drunk country. It’s a joy to share a glimpse into the way Lorraine and Sara practice sabbath.

Practicing Trusting God

As we study and learn to practice sabbath, how we rest demonstrates what we believe about God. Today in our Practice post, we’ll ask you what is one step you might take this week to build trust with your Heavenly Father.

Pondering How We Guard Sabbath

This week we’re studying several sections in which God asks His people to trust Him to provide as they cease from their work one day a week and as they forgive debts, release slaves, and allow their land to lay uncultivated every seven years. Click for study questions and a prayer prompt.

Pausing to Read and Listen

Today Linsey Bjorklund joins us at ufcwomen.blog to read four Old Testament passages that look at God’s commandments regarding sabbath. We have posted links to each passage, and we are praying that your time in God’s Word will be rich and without distraction, that God will speak to you in a new way about His good gift of rest.


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