A Not-So-Skinny Girl

Brianna Hines introduces us to the spiritual discipline of fasting with a testimony about how food, not the Lord, served as her main source of security and comfort for most her life. She shares how fasting is a tool that God has been using over the last couple years to break the chains of slavery to her stomach. You won't want to miss this real, vulnerable, and relatable post today at ufcwomen.blog.

Hungry begins January 6

This January UFC Women will focus on the specific spiritual discipline of fasting. We will look at what the Bible has to say about it and how generations of believers have pursued this practice of denying self for the glory of the Father. We will compare biblical fasting to that of the world, and open a discussion about this often neglected spiritual discipline and how it can provide an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in us in a way that we may never have allowed Him to before. Click to read or listen to today's post by Brianna Hines and then sign up using the link at the end of the post for this study, which begins next Thursday, January 6.

Holding on to Hope

Welcome to the best birthday celebration of the year! Today we remember that more than 2,000 years ago God wrapped Himself with humanity and came to earth as a baby boy to fulfill a long-standing promise to His image bearers. He came as the Prince of Peace to calm a worried world. As Christ the Lord, the Promised One, to rule. As Jesus, Son of the Most High, to submit. As the Morning Star to push out all darkness. And as the Lamb of God to atone for the sins of His people.

A Star Lights the Way

While We Three Kings is a popular Christmas song, it’s unlikely that the wise men, known as magi, who visited Jesus were actual kings from the East. Rather, the Greek word μάγοι, or magoi, indicates that they were learned Gentile men considered magicians in their time. But they weren’t magicians or wizards as we define them today. Rather, magi were men skilled in astronomy, religion, and medicine and were known for interpreting dreams and most likely worshiping heavenly bodies.

Waiting for the Messiah

Today we meet Simeon and Anna in Jerusalem as their longing for a Messiah is recognized in the Baby nestled in a young mama’s arms. They spot Him not because a golden halo hovers over Him or an audible voice declares, “This is the Messiah.” No, they recognize the Son of God incarnate as a baby because they are living set apart for God, ever in His presence.