God of Light

Total darkness is a terrifying and disorienting thing. It is the perfect picture of a life lived apart from God’s presence. In First John we read that “God is Light.” Not that God likes light, or even that He created it, but that He actually is light itself. I realize that the author John loved metaphor and symbolism, so I don’t expect to get to heaven and just see a massive supernova sitting on a throne, but being in the presence of God is undeniably like being in the light. In the light, all things are visible, nothing is hidden. Things that were once distorted by shadow and darkness can be seen for what they really are. 

Shared Stories

I was raised in a storytelling family. Every holiday or family gathering my relatives would, and still do, settle into their seats and begin swapping stories. Each one of them, when given the “floor,” will recount a tale in such intentional detail that I feel like their memories are actually mine. They know just how to describe a scene, what seemingly insignificant facts to mention nonchalantly and then pivot the entire storyline upon. They are experts at describing, straightfaced, situations that have the rest of us simply roaring. I absolutely love these storytelling sessions and often wish I had pulled out my phone to record them. They are just so good! And I can’t figure out how they do it! I will admit, I am pretty jealous of their innate ability.