Encounter: Adulterous Woman

Encountering Jesus’ Desire

to Make All Things Right

 John 8:1-11

By Ronda Harrold

In this passage from John 8 about Jesus’ interaction with the adulterous woman, I was overwhelmed by Jesus’ willingness, His desire to forgive us, and His love for us. I was also touched by Jesus’s graciousness and thoughtfulness. He didn’t draw more attention to the woman. By drawing on the ground, He actually took the eyes of the people off her. God knew this woman, everything about her, and He knows me, loves me and forgives me.

Personally, this story was convicting. It made me think about how quick I am to judge others and slow to look inward to see my own sin. I’m so thankful that Jesus offers forgiveness to both the Pharisees and the adulterous woman. I rejoice in both the work God has done and is doing to make me more like Jesus.

This week’s study about Jesus’ desire to make all things right in His timing reminds me of how I have encountered Jesus over the years. When I graduated from college with a degree I didn’t want to use, I was very anxious and stressed about what I was going to do.

Today I have the joy of being able to see the amazing path God led me on. He provided a part-time job that worked into a full-time job, where I was trained in accounting and received computer training at no cost to me. That led to being laid off, only to find myself in a job I hated, but where again I was provided free college courses in accounting. This led to me having the skills and education necessary to apply for a job at the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, where I have now worked for 25 years.

Ronda Harrold, one of our Bible study small group leaders, was born and reared in a Christian home in Oregon. She works as an accounting analyst for the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. She enjoys hiking, reading, watching sports, and spending time with family.