Multiplying for the King

On Sunday, Pastor Brett Gilchrist wrapped up UFC’s discipleship series with a sermon on making disciples. Drawing from Matthew 28 and Colossians 1, he reminded us that Jesus calls every believer to be a multiplier for Him. When we meet for study on Thursday, we will discuss this command and all the discipleship practices we looked at during this series. If you missed Sunday’s message, click here.

As you prepare for our time together, we encourage you to consider the disciple making practices on page 49 of the UFC discipleship handbook:

  • Mentor someone.
  • Invite others along with you as you live out the gospel.
  • Help lead, teach, or organize a class within your class.
  • Find people with similar gifts or passions and train them.
  • Open up your home to the younger generations.
  • Lead a Bible study at your place of work.

We hope to see you Thursday for our final meeting of this study — 9:30 a.m. at the Barn or 6:30 p.m. at the church offices. You may catch up on all our First Thessalonians posts and recordings here.

A special night out

Ladies, join Brianna Hines as she hosts a special night of collaging and fellowship on Monday, Nov. 22 at the Barn. This event will provide a way to practice the discipleship practices of community and evangelism, so we encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors to join you! See below for more information.