Proximity and Humility Needed

During his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Jerell Carper walked us through the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37, noting that compassion requires both proximity and humility. He defined compassion as “heartfelt, proactive care for someone in need.” If you haven’t listened yet, here’s the link to this next message in our discipleship series at UFC.

This week for our Monday Q&A feature, we have the privilege of hearing from Pastor Craig MacDonald, who was featured last week on UFC’s podcast Eat This Scroll, episodes 9 and 10. Find the podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

An Interview with Pastor Craig MacDonald

What is a fun fact about or a memory with your family?

For our 50th anniversary, the kids rented an Airbnb in Pine, Arizona, a big house where all 10 of us were together for four days over Labor Day weekend (see the picture below) We played games, went on hikes, ate too much, and laughed a lot. Nothing beats being together as a family, and we can’t imagine a better 50th gift.

Craig and Pam MacDonald celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with kids and grandkids in northern Arizona.

With the holidays coming, do you have a favorite tradition?

We are really low-key for the holidays and always have been. Because we live so far apart, we aren’t together for Christmas, which gets postponed to January when normally we go to Arizona. We agreed a long time ago that we’d only do gifts for the kids, and that’s usually something Pam makes for each of the four. The emphasis is on time together, not on things or events.

This fall, we are learning about discipleship. What does discipleship look like in your home (past or present)?

Discipleship is about service. Much of life in a pastor’s home revolves around the church and its services and events. We’re grateful that our kids and the two older grandkids are all involved in serving in their respective churches.

Of the six characteristics of a disciple that we are studying (learning, communion, community, compassion, formation, and evangelism), which one do you enjoy the most? Which one would you like to work on?

I probably enjoy learning the most and need to work on evangelism. 

How can we be praying for you and your family this fall?

Pam and I both have mothers who are 98 and facing serious chronic health issues. It’s hard to watch them suffer when their future in heaven will bring such relief. We pray for their death and release from the physical and mental problems they struggle with daily. 

This week UFC Women is in I Thessalonians 4:9-12. Catch up on our posts and recordings here.