My God is All-knowing

Happy Monday, Friends. Today we have a special Q & A with UFC College Pastor Sean Duncan and his wife Chelsey. On Sunday, Sean introduced UFC’s first discipleship practice — Learning — with a sermon from Matthew 11:25-30. He challenged us to read the Bible, apply the Bible, rest in the Bible, and enjoy the Bible as we seek to be like Jesus. Sean began his sermon with background on the earlier verses of Matthew 11 as John the Baptist’s disciples asked Jesus, “Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another” (vs. 3). For those of you who listened to Jamie Harms’ teaching from Thursday, you’ll see the connection to the question, “Who do you say that I am?” (Luke 9:18-27).

What is your answer? Have you accepted the invitation of Matthew 11:29-30 to rest in the One Who is all-knowing and Who gives rest to all who come to Him?

We encourage you to go back and listen to Thursday’s teaching and Sunday’s sermon (both available here) if you haven’t yet and then consider the questions and associated Rule of Life on pages 10-15 of the UFC Practices of Discipleship handbook. If you haven’t received a copy yet, copies will be available this week at the church office, 25 W. 25th Ave., in Eugene, or you may download it here.

An Interview with College Pastor Sean Duncan

What is a fun fact about or a memory with your family?

Chelsey and I met at a Good Fight Barn Party in 2014 at the actual UFC Barn and have gotten to do ministry alongside each other in that same room for seven years!

With the holidays coming, do you have a favorite tradition?

Our first Christmas married we had to leave a family gathering early and had McDonald’s. Our second Christmas married we had canned raviolis and a baguette, while sitting in an apartment in Paris. So, for our third Christmas married, the sky is the limit! 

Sean and Chelsey Duncan eagerly await a baby girl due this month.

This fall, we are learning about discipleship. What does discipleship look like in your home (past or present)?

We’re both lovers of the Bible and maintain consistent devotional lives. We’re also both lovers of learning and enjoy doing the Bible Project Classroom (a free online resource provided by Bible Project) classes together on weekends. We both encourage each other toward faith in Jesus and toward fighting sin, and that looks different in different seasons, but always involves communication and prayer. 

Of the six characteristics of a disciple that we are studying (learning, communion, community, compassion, formation, and evangelism), which one do you enjoy the most? Which one would you like to work on?

I would say I don’t separate the practice of learning and communion. I see them as inseparable. They are the practices I enjoy the most: to be with God and learn of His glory through His Word. I look forward to working on formation over the next 70 years of my life!

How can we be praying for you and your family this fall?

We are welcoming our first baby to the family this month, so we would love prayers for the transition into parenthood and for continued love and joy in our marriage as we enter the new roles of not only husband and wife, but also of father and mother. We’d also love prayer in my new role as UFC’s college pastor.

Sean will be the lead teacher for UFC’s walk through the Bible beginning next Sunday, October 10 at our Polk Street location from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the Fireside Chapel. This Bible Project class will provide teaching and context for those who are following the reading plan to read from Genesis through Revelation in one year. We hope you will join us beginning Sunday. A reading plan will be available on Sundays and at the office for anyone who is interested regardless of whether class attendance is possible.