Camp Agape Update

Editor’s Note: As promised, we have an update for you on last weekend’s Camp Agape, which was held at Camp Harlow in northwest Eugene for 163 children and teens impacted by incarceration. The Agape Families team along with roughly 140 volunteers led by Faith Gilchrist appreciated your prayers. Thank you!

By Faith Gilchrist

Camp was sweet, as always. It also had some added challenges this year that made it feel harder than usual.

Covid policies were changing by the day as well as our camp numbers. Five hours before camp we had all our cabin leader spots filled, and then by the time camp started, we were down four leaders. Our cabin leaders and coordinators are amazing and adapted so well, but it was nothing like what we had experienced before.

In our short four days of camp, kids got to freely play, talk, laugh, and connect with other campers and leaders. Some found out for the first time that they were in the presence of other kids going through the unique situation they are. It’s a blessing to get to walk through that with them.

We had three different camp speakers that shared messaged tailored to the campers’ ages and genders. Kids were opening up during cabin time and providing space for the leaders to speak the truth of the gospel into their lives. Many had questions that showed their curiosity and understanding of the Bible, and our prayer is that they get connected to church after camp!

Please continue to pray for our campers and that the Holy Spirit will be working in their life. Many professed knowing Jesus before camp, so please pray that they will have a church family where they can grow in their faith.

Please pray for the identity and transgender issues that are taking hold of so many of our young girls. In most of these situations, they have been to camp many times and have heard the gospel repeatedly but are adamantly opposed to anything that comes from the Bible.

And please pray for two young campers who learned on the last day of camp that their father had died of an overdose. Unfortunately this situation is all too common with our campers, but it’s not out of chance that it took place while these campers were in our care. The UFC team is amazing in loving these children so well. Thank you!

Faith Gilchrist is an Oregon native who moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon and never left! She and her husband Garrett are parents to Henry, and when Faith is not changing diapers and going on walks, she serves as the director for Agape Families. Her favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends, playing board games, and eating ice cream.