Pause, Ponder, Pray: Malachi 2:4-9


Malachi 2:4-9


I love to read, especially biographies. As a kid, you could often find me wedged between the wall and the back of the couch to escape siblings in order to devour books uninterrupted. Some of my favorite books were about amazing missionary women such as Corrie ten Boom (The Hiding Place), Darlene Diebler Rose (Evidence Not Seen), and Elisabeth Elliott (Through Gates of Splendor). I was captivated by the courage of Corrie, the faithful endurance of Darlene, and the forgiveness and love of Elisabeth for others. I wanted to be like these women. I wanted God to take me on adventures and use me in great ways like He did with them.

  • Who do you look to and want to emulate? Why do you want to be like them?
  • What makes them a good role model?

In Malachi 2:4-9, we see that the priests are supposed to be the role models, first for the people of Israel and then for other nations. 

  • From this passage, what traits make up a faithful priest, one who is a good role model for the people?
  • Using the same passage, contrast the list of traits for the faithful priest with an unfaithful one.
  • Why was it important for the priests to be good role models?  
  • What were the consequences of them not being good role models?

From Malachi, we see that what characterized a faithful priest first was his reverence for his God along with his knowledge of God’s Word. His understanding of God guided his behavior and developed godly character in his life. Only then could he carry out his calling to preserve and promote God’s message to the people around him. He was called to be a role model with the expressed purpose of pointing others to God.

In I Peter 2:9, Jesus calls us His royal priesthood. We are to follow the example of the Old Testament priests. We, like the priests, can only fulfill our calling as role models if we know our God and allow His Word to transform our hearts, minds, and actions. In His grace and mercy, our imperfect modelling can be used to point others to Him for His glory. 

  • As part of God’s royal priesthood, how does your life point others to Jesus?
  • What is one way you can live in light of that truth today?

Although I never met Corrie ten Boom, Darlene Diebler Rose, or Elisabeth Elliot in person, their words had a profound influence on my life. May our heart’s prayer be that we would be like these women and the faithful priests of the Old Testament, living in such a way as to continually point others to Jesus.


Dear Heavenly Father, We come before You with awe and in wonder of Your patience with and grace for us. Although we are imperfect, You redeem us and choose to use us to point others to You. We confess that our words and actions don’t always honor or represent You well. We ask Your forgiveness to restore us, so we can reflect Your character well to others. Use us Lord for Your glory in the lives of those around us today. Amen.

— Jamie Harms