Friday Feature: Pam MacDonald

Editor’s Note: We are delighted to introduce you to eight new faces here on the blog during our study of Malachi. Each Friday you’ll hear a bit about another sister’s Bible study journey. Today it’s a joy to welcome Pam MacDonald.

When in your life did you first start studying the Bible and what did that look like for you?

I have gone to church since I was just a few weeks old. When I was in the fifth grade, I went to a summer Bible camp and accepted Christ as my Savior. My mom says I had already done that, but I didn’t remember. I decided I needed to remember asking Christ into my life. Most of my growing up years were spent in Las Vegas. We had a hard time finding a good, Bible-teaching church, and after much prayer, my parents started Grace Bible Church. It met in our home until there wasn’t enough room for everyone. We met for a time in an Odd Fellows hall and then in a funeral home before the church finally was able to purchase a small church building. I’ve always been active in church, mostly teaching Sunday School classes.

The first time I started to really study the Bible was in Bible college. The classes took us deep into the Old and New Testaments and into theology. I wasn’t the best student by any means, but I learned a lot. I’ve had the privilege of sitting under my husband’s teaching for many years as he pastored in four different churches, and learned a lot in that setting. I’ve also learned a lot in the women’s Bible studies at UFC. We are blessed with some excellent teachers for those studies. I highly recommend any of the women in our church family get involved with these Bible studies, including this one on Malachi.

Pam MacDonald has been married to Craig for nearly 50 years. They have two sons, who are married to the two women Pam prayed for since her boys were born. One of Pam’s biggest joys in life is watching her sons be dads. Their four grandkids are growing up knowing that Jesus loves them.

Now, as we begin our study of Malachi, it’s your turn to consider:

When did I first start studying the Bible?

Which book of the Bible has most influenced me over the years — and why?

It can feel daunting to begin a new Bible study, especially one from a book you know little about. The Bible Project has put together a great summary of Malachi that we encourage you to spend 7 minutes watching in preparation for digging into your study this week.