Remembering Our Deliverance

In Day 4 of our journey through Holy Week, we’re walking you through a Christian seder.

After Jesus and His disciples arrived at their lodgings for the festival, they were probably exhausted from travel and excited to spend Passover in Jerusalem with Jesus. We saw yesterday that as they got settled in for the celebratory meal, their Lord took on the very nature of a servant and bent down to wash their filthy, tired feet.

Then with clean feet, they found their places at the table to relax. The table was set for a feast. Over the course of the evening, Jesus and His disciples most likely went through a seder as they remembered the story of their people’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery through the blood of the Passover lamb.

We also take time this week to remember our Passover Lamb, who delivered us from slavery to sin. One way to do this — and to celebrate our freedom in Christ — is to have our own seder, using a Haggadah, or script, that walks us through this time of remembrance. Many different versions exist, but each includes four questions, four cups of wine (or juice), prayers, blessings, hymns, and a leisurely meal to enjoy with family and friends.

If you registered for Come and See, you will receive in your porch drop bags, a guide for enjoying your own seder. The elements on the seder plate should be easy to find as you celebrate the deliverance we have experienced from our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Jamie Harms illustrates a seder for us today.

Today’s Hymn
Karen Esquivel sings O Sacred Head Now Wounded.

Karen is the mother of three fine sons and nine grandchildren (all from the eldest son). She is also blessed to have a wonderful husband for the last 20 years, Gustavo Castro, with whom she shares a passion for music, the Lord, and family. The Lord called her in her senior year of high school and has thankfully been close by through many storms and blessings.

John 14
Sarah Schafer

Sarah is redeemed and restored by Christ’s blood, living a purposed and missional life alongside her four kids and husband. She is passionate about seeing lives overcome by Christ’s mercy.