Abundant Life

In this week’s podcast, Jamie Harms looks at Jesus’ final I AM statement — I am the true vine — and highlights three areas in which abiding in this vine produces abundant life for us.

Teaching from John 15

In the three calls to abide, Jesus paints a picture of what it looks like to experience an abundant life in Him, our vine. It is the prayer of our women’s ministry team that each of us would be rooted and grounded in God’s Word, abiding daily in Jesus, and do so in community with one another. A vine has many branches that together produce beautiful fruit. A single branch can’t go it alone and thrive.

As we finish up the book of John in the next two weeks and start up our next study in April, we want to encourage you to consider how you will continue to abide in Christ, not only individually but also with other believers. As life after the pandemic opens up a bit more each week, we have more opportunities to reconnect with others as we study God’s Word in-person, on Zoom, with neighbors on back porches, over coffee or tea with a friend, or in other creative ways. We will soon open registration for our next study, so watch the blog and your email beginning next week for the signup link. In the meantime, will you prayerfully consider joining us, not just through the blog, but with others as well?