Pause: John 11, 14

Editor’s Note: This week we’re jumping into John 11 but then skipping to John 14. We aren’t doing this for any theological reason. We simply want to highlight specific Scriptures during Easter week and to give Jesus’ Farewell Discourse special attention this week and next. The middle chapters provide rich context for the journey to the cross, and if you have time, we do encourage you to read chapters 12 and 13 this week. We will return to these chapters during Easter week with some extra special content.

Pray: Lord, last week as I placed myself in the narrative, I felt the emotion building as You continued your journey to the cross. Please slow me down in these chapters. As my eyes skim the page, I see the weight of what’s coming next. Keep my heart soft. May I not be afraid to feel the emotion embedded in this narrative and to release my own emotions to You. I love You, Lord.

John 11, 14

John 11
John 14

Sarah Schafer is redeemed and restored by Christ’s blood, living a purposed and missional life alongside her four kids and husband. She is passionate about seeing lives overcome by Christ’s mercy.