Justice and Mercy

Welcome to our fourth week in the Gospel of John. Today Jamie Harms introduces John 8, 9 and 10 with a short podcast teaching on how the highest form of justice allows for mercy. She will touch on the stories of the woman caught in adultery and on the blind man given sight.

Jamie Harms teaches on John 8-10

In this week’s reading, we will come to the two amazing stories that Jamie introduces in today’s podcast. We will also find three “I AM” statements of Jesus as He proclaimed Himself as the Light of the World, the Gate, and the Good Shepherd. We encourage you to use a dictionary and a concordance to define and to better understand the concepts of light, gates, and shepherds. Consider why Jesus might have chosen these word pictures to describe Himself, how the pictures point to Jesus as God, and how Jesus is each of these in our lives. Then, join us throughout the week as we pause in this section (Tuesday), ponder and pray (Wednesday), read a testimony of faith (Thursday), and worship our Lord through music (Friday).