Pause: John 5-7

Pray: Jesus, my to-do list is weighing heavy, but I know that the three long chapters of John that lay before me aren’t homework but an invitation. You’re motioning me forward to join Your story. May the words on these pages come alive as I imagine walking next to You nearly 2,000 years ago, being touched by Your healing power, eating Your miracle bread and fish, and listening to Your life-giving words. I want to be changed by You, so please keep nudging me back to these chapters that I may come to know You better and better with each passing day. I love You, Lord.

John 5-7

Cailyn Prewitt is a California transplant who has attended UFC since 2016. She spent a year and a half in Haiti as operations manager for Chances for Children before unrest in the country along with the realities of COVID-19 caused her to return to Oregon early last year. She is passionate about her continued worked with C4C and as a missions intern at UFC. She is attending the LCC massage therapy program and loves a good hike and spending time with her friends and church community.