Bread of Life

In this week’s Come and See journey through the Gospel of John, we’re in chapters 5, 6 and 7. We will witness three more signs and wonders, watch people grapple with the teachings of Christ and who He truly is, and come across the first of the seven “I AM” statements. We could spend hours going line by line through this incredibly rich book, but today in her teaching podcast, Jamie Harms focuses on just one but powerful section — the I AM description of Jesus as the Bread of Life. We’ll explore other parts of this section on Wednesday in our Ponder & Pray post.

Jamie Harms teaches on John 5-7

At the end of today’s teaching, Jamie encouraged us to look in John 5-7 for the truths Jesus revealed about Himself as fully God and fully man. She suggested we put ourselves in the shoes of those asking for or observing the miracles and then ask ourselves:

  • How would I have reacted at seeing and hearing about these wonders?
  • Why might Jesus have asked the questions He did of those present?
  • What was He trying to get the observers to see and to know about Himself with His questions and His miracles?

In between these signs and wonders, we will often see the Jews (usually the Jewish religious leaders) grapple with what they have seen and heard about Jesus.

  • Which claims about Jesus are they wrestling with?
  • What witnesses do they have to support the claims of Jesus? 

Finally, Jamie encouraged us to write down questions and new observations about Jesus and His character, notes we could share with our small groups on Thursday. If you have yet to connect with a small group, don’t hesitate to contact us at