Practice Sabbath as Worship

We have now practiced embracing God’s rest for five weeks! As I have talked to those following this series, some have loved setting aside that full day, some have struggled to put aside an afternoon, some have set aside a day that did not go as planned, some are beginning to make sabbath a habit, and some are enjoying the fruits of accepting this gift that God has given us. We are all learning and growing in our trust of our God to protect and to provide for us as we rest and can continue to thank God and praise Him for the rest that comes from Him.

As we closed out our teaching time this week, we looked at Psalm 92, also referred to as the Sabbath Psalm. The psalm begins with “It is good to praise the Lord,” which sets the tone for the rest of sabbath. This week as you prepare for your sabbath and during your time of rest, I encourage you to find ways to praise the Lord. Turn on a worship playlist while you play board games with your family. Sing a song in the shower with abandon. Do a picture scavenger hunt with your kids, finding five beautiful things on a walk that God has made and give Him thanks. Read Psalms 92 with friends or family, and share a special dessert together. The possibilities are endless as we slow down and give our Lord praise.

How will you praise the Lord this week?

Jamie Harms