Practice Enjoying Rest

Sometimes it is easy to think of sabbath as a spiritual discipline that requires grit. Yes, we know it is good for us, but we might not always like it. We forget that sabbath is a gift, a time to step away from our work and enjoy our Savior and those around us. Instead of sabbath becoming a burdensome chore, we encourage you to reframe your perspective. When preparing for your sabbath, ask the questions Brianna mentioned in her podcast on Monday: “Is it restful?” and “Does it bring joy?” 

Another idea is to ask your family what they think would be fun. Last week after church, my kids wanted to play board games together while watching football and eating takeout. Each week we might pick something different as a way to rest. We might bake a cake and enjoy afternoon tea together, take a hike up Spencer Butte and enjoy the view, or curl up with books and tea while watching it rain. Whatever activity we choose, the heart of receiving and celebrating God’s rest remains the same.

What are you going to do this week that is fun to celebrate our sabbath rest in Jesus?

— Jamie Harms