Practicing Trusting God

As we study and learn to practice sabbath, how we rest demonstrates what we believe about God. Can we trust our God? Do we trust our Creator to know what is best for us? Do we trust our Father to give us good gifts like rest? Do we trust our God to provide and to protect us while we rest?

Building trust in any relationship starts small and grows over time as faithfulness is demonstrated in the little things that turn into bigger things. As you practice sabbath this week, you might start out with something little that you entrust to God. It might be trusting God enough to acknowledge your fears about rest or choosing an afternoon to put aside your work to do something fun with your family. It might be praying over your to-do list and re-prioritizing what you feel needs to be done and what can be let go. It might be taking some time to be in God’s Word and creating a list with all of the characteristics of God that you find there. It might look like taking some time to write a poem, sing a song, or draw a picture out of a heart of praise for your Creator. As you trust God with these small times of rest, it will build up that trust muscle you have with the Father. When the next time of rest comes, you can trust Him with a bit more as you have found Him faithful in the times before. 

What one step might you take this week to build trust with your Heavenly Father?