Sabbath Study to Begin

On Monday here at, we will launch Embracing God’s Rest, a 5-week study on sabbath rest, the God-given break in our busy lives that is meant to refresh and to strengthen us to do His good work. This mostly online study will continue through Friday, February 12. It’s not too late to sign up. Click here for the registration link.

You can expect the following study rhythm each week:

Monday: Start off your week with a pre-recorded teaching link that will arrive via email — but only if you have registered! So do that today! In addition, a new article and podcast will be available on the blog. Watch, read, and listen according to what fits your schedule best, and consider asking a friend to join you.

Tuesday: Pause to read the 3 to 5 Scripture passages for this week either in your own Bible or via the links on the blog. Each Tuesday you will find a new recording of the week’s passages shared by a different UFC woman.

Wednesday: Ponder what you’ve been studying and then pray in response. You’ll find questions and a prayer prompt on the blog to guide you, and if you’re a blog subscriber, you’ll receive the link automatically via email.

Thursday: We’ll share some fun and practical ways to practice sabbath.

Friday: Look forward to interviews with UFC women as they share what it looks like for them to practice rest.