A Year in Numbers


1 year like no other

52 weeks of doing life with Christ

366 sunrises offering fresh mercies

293 sunsets replaying life altered by a virus

UFC Women kicked off the year with

1 social media post of

3 words: Courage, dear heart.

God knew our need for the courage He provides. 

14 days into March a virus brought the first wave 

of uncertainty, anxiety, and grief that still impacts us nearly

42 long weeks later.

The challenges did not paralyze UFC Women.

18 women in leadership completed 

2 leadership training events and offered

11 moms’ gatherings,

12 summer events,

8 Bible studies with,

55 small group video calls,

8 weeks in Jude and the memory of

25 verses that concluded online at ufcwomen.blog.

35 women contributed their voices, words, and photos to

310* posts viewed by

6,482** visitors from 

66 countries with

27,775** views.

2 senior editors guided content and design, while

2 copy editors assisted and 

4 Bible study writers crafted the content for

2 weeks in Psalm 120-134 for Easter,

10 sessions discussing In His Image,

68 days of Summer in the Psalms,

31 days of Wisdom in Chaos,

1 month of Believing God in Unwanted Circumstances,

3 weeks of Abiding,

1 week of thankfulness, and

27 days of A Light Dwelling.

The year of ministry wasn’t limited to online platforms.

400 women on our ministry list received

1200 postcards with news and encouragement.

15 meal trains were organized to deliver

161 meals to encourage families in transition.

Countless women showed Jesus’ love to others.

They dropped encouragement cards, flowers,

and small gifts at the doorsteps of their sisters in Christ.

They arranged backyard and porch visits,

walks, hikes, bike rides, and phone calls

 to encourage and pray with others,

ran errands for those unable to leave home,

and helped with projects and errands for those in need.

Yes, 2020 was a hard year in many ways,

but it was also a year of abundant blessing

and glimmers of hope to carry us into 2021.

From the Editors

*By year’s end. **Total as of December 28.