Love’s Light Shines

Merry Christmas, Friends! We know this day is full of activity for many of you and maybe a little lonely for others of you. We’re praying that wherever and with whomever you find yourself that you are able to rest in the light of Jesus Christ and know just how much you are loved by Him and by us. — UFC Women’s Ministry Team

Light: The Christ Candle

Read: John 1:1-34 and 3:1-15

Consider: Have you received the Light and become a child of God? If you have yet to say “yes,” our prayer is that you won’t let 2020 pass without trusting the One who came to dwell among humankind and to give His life for us. Even when days are dark in this world, those who trust in the saving work of Jesus will never be separated from the Light, the Giver of grace. 

If you have accepted the Light of the world as your Savior, how will your life look different as you move through a season of deep earthly darkness? Will you count the ways God gives grace, the way He keeps leaning toward each of us with His love? Will you keep your gaze fixed heavenward knowing the darkness of this world is only a blip in the story of eternity and the Light that is dwelling inside the children of God has overcome darkness for eternity?


  • Joy to the World: Let’s celebrate with Keith and Kristyn Getty as they share their Irish version here.
  • Born on That Day: Matt Maher sings this beautiful song here.
  • O Holy Night: Hillsong Worship shares a live version here.
  • O Come All Ye Faithful: Melodie Malone with Passion Music sings here.
  • A Child Has Come: Jon Reddick and Janice Gaines worship here.
  • Happy Birthday: Sing the familiar tune, inserting Jesus’ name!

Enjoy: After opening presents, sing Christmas carols together as family, declaring the worthiness of our Immanuel.