Thankful for Our Sisters in Christ

What are you choosing to thank God for today on this day set aside in our country for thanking Him?

Here are some ways you can share what you are thankful for in this season:

  1. Attempt to post a comment below. We know this has been difficult in the past, so we are not holding our breaths that this will work this time. But it’s worth a try! Tip: Leave a comment without adding your contact information, and you might have more success.
  2. Go to either our Facebook or Instagram page (see link on this page) and leave a note in the comments section.
  3. Send us a comment through the blog’s “contact” tab above, and we’ll make sure your items get published for others to celebrate with you.

One thought on “Thankful for Our Sisters in Christ

  1. So thankful for God’s mercy. We don’t get what we often deserve. And thankful for grace. He gives us His unmerited favor far more than we deserve.


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