Editor’s Desk: A Peek into Fall

By Jaime Sherman

What a joy it is to wrap up our Summer in the Psalms study today with a look back and a look ahead. We spent our summer months in 61 incredibly rich songs and prayers, and wow, we covered some ground through these very timely words of truth! In Psalms 90-106, we looked at testing, trials, and hard experiences, and then in Psalms 107-150, we studied the overarching theme of God’s power over all trials, difficulties, and question marks in life. Each song and prayer displayed God’s glory as well as His great, eternal care for those He loves. 

The women’s ministry team prayed throughout the summer that you would experience great joy and growth in the Lord as you spent time in His Word — and that prayer isn’t changing this fall as we move into a series of short studies with the primary goal that you’d continue to develop the life-changing habit of simply being in God’s Word each day.

We just concluded the summer reading plan with Psalm 119 that speaks to the beauty and worth of God’s Word, and it’s a perfect spot to begin our next study. Each day in September as part of our Wisdom in Chaos series, we plan to post a study prompt here at ufcwomen.blog to guide you through the book of Proverbs in 31 days, beginning September 1. Watch for a little background on the book to be posted here on Monday.

The month of October will bring an exciting new Bible study opportunity. We invite you to join us for Believing God in Unwanted Circumstances, a look into the lives of four Old Testament women — Hagar, Rahab, Deborah, and Hannah — and how God revealed Himself to them in their less-than-desirable circumstances. With all the craziness and uncertainty of the fall, this short study is lighter than previous ones at UFC, more about helping you form the life-changing habit of simply being in God’s Word daily and then sharing what you are learning. 

The registration link on the blog homepage will go live on Tuesday, September 1.

You won’t want to miss the big kickoff for this second study at one of the staggered, in-person gatherings on October 1 (with an online streaming option). The study will then continue over the next four weeks with in-person and online options. You’ll want to jump on the registration as soon as possible (the link will go live on the blog Tuesday) to choose the time that works best for you. Each woman who signs up for the study will receive a special gift along with the study on the day of the kickoff! Yes, it may sound a bit confusing as we do the social-distancing dance, but our team has been working diligently through the summer months to plan for the fall in such a way that we’re in God’s Word together but doing so in safe and comfortable ways. We hope you’ll reach out to us at ufcwomen.blog@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns!