Psalm 145

Yesterday from Psalm 144, we praised God for who He is — LORD, rock, trainer, lover, fortress, stronghold, deliverer, shield, refuge, and subduer. Today we’re turning to Psalm 145 to celebrate His greatness, which David declares is unsearchable (v. 3).

We could easily pick many standout verses from this psalm to overlay with a pretty picture, but we’re declaring simply GREAT IS OUR LORD. We want you to find the verse or verses that minister to your heart in this season. You may be seeking to pour the truth about God into young people in your life, so you’re especially encouraged by verses 4-7. Or you may need the truth from verse 8 that our God is gracious and merciful. Or what about verses 14 through 20? So many realities and emotions are bundled into these verses and meet us in the joys, heartaches, and questions of this summer. The joy of the Scriptures is that they meet us just where we’re at in our lives. A single psalm can minister one way to one person and another way to another person — and in different ways for the same person from season to season. May you be encouraged in Psalm 145 today.