Psalm 126

Even in a time of sorrow, the psalmist remembers the joy of God’s restoration in the past. He is not without hope! Psalm 126 uses the illustration of agriculture as he sows seeds of sorrow. Then, not immediately, he sees those seeds begin to bear fruit, and joy is once again restored.

When were you filled with the laughter and joy described in verse 2?

In contrast, when in your life have you experienced the sorrow of verses 5 and 6? 

How do you experience seasons of hardship in your life? Do you try to hide the pain from others? If so, how and why?

In light of the current realities of our world, it’s important to remember what God has done to guarantee our eternity is one filled with joy. How would you explain to another person the balance we must have between hope and joy in Christ and grieving painful times?