Editor’s Desk: Thankful for You

By Jamie Harms

The past four months have been unlike any that we have seen before in our lifetime. All the things that we previously considered normal now look very different: attending school, church, and grocery stores, to name a few. It is in times like these that I am extra thankful for each of you.

I am thankful for Kathleen and Joanna who as staff have stepped in with full gusto to find new and creative ways to help our women not just stay connected but grow these past months through Zoom Bible studies, leadership emails, phone calls, and dropping off care packages.  

I am thankful for all fourteen of our Bible study leaders who were gracious and flexible as we changed what we were going to study and were patient in figuring out how to connect via technology. They led well, navigating a new set of social dynamics using a screen, and helped 70 of our women connect regularly through God’s Word and prayer.

I am thankful for Jaime and Sarah as they led the charge as editors on using our blog resource to encourage our UFC women. Over the past few months we have had more than 25 contributors who have helped with resources and encouragement, mental health and finance advice, prayer prompts, Bible study reflections, Thankfulness Friday posts, and announcements.  

I am thankful for Jasmine and Brianna as they continue to write Bible study material to encourage and challenge our UFC women to be in God’s Word together. Watch for new studies coming this fall!

I am thankful for women like Kathy who with her spare time decided to encourage a large percentage of our women with a handmade note in their mailbox and Sarah T. who intentionally calls different women to check in during her drive home from work.  

I am thankful for Molly and other women who have loved and cared for each other by purchasing and delivering groceries to those who could not go themselves.

I am thankful for Aly and Mary as they prepared supply bags for our families to intentionally use this time at home with our kids, including lessons for Easter and sweet gifts and dessert to help our kids and husbands celebrate their mamas for Mother’s Day.

I am thankful for Linsey and the meal train team as they figured out how to support COVID-style three of our families with new babies and for all the women who dropped off meals despite the crazy circumstances.

I am thankful for Carol, Yvonne, Julie, Sandee, and Linda who switched their regular, in-person prayer meetings to Zoom and continued right along praying for our church and one another on a regular basis.

I am thankful for women like Bethany, who as the phases opened up, intentionally hosted small groups of women in her backyard to encourage them. She also rented a space in Cottage Grove to host a Sunday morning livestream watch party in COVID-sized, appropriate groups.

I am thankful for those who have shared their stories on the UFC Community Facebook page and for their encouragement to remember the bigger story that God has for each of our lives.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of how our UFC women have loved and cared for each other well during this season. It is in times like these that I am reminded our church is not the building we meet in but the people who are part of the family of our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what the circumstances, our God is good, and we can grow together closer to each other and to Him. Thank you, Ladies. You are all amazing, and I am so privileged to call you my sisters.

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  1. Jamie this is just so encouraging. It is a perspective we all need at a time when it’s challenging to put a positive spin on things.


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