Thankful from Texas

Welcome to our Friday Thankfulness post. Today we’re featuring Sarah Lloyd, who grew up reading and diagramming sentences for entertainment, homeschooled with her five siblings from kindergarten through high school. Her college years were spent studying science, running for the Oregon Ducks, and falling in love with her witty husband. Over the past ten years, she has taught at a small public classical school, admiring the great works of literature created throughout history. She enjoys inductive Bible study, running and hiking in Oregon’s beautiful wilderness, singing in a cappella harmony, and planning road trips to spend time with her ten nieces and nephews. Sarah has faithfully served in our children’s and women’s ministries over the years. She has recently moved to Texas and will be sorely missed.

Housing and my husband! I have felt God’s provision and care through this entire moving process, as we sold our Eugene house, bought our Dallas house, and found places to rent in between. My husband has been flexible and a good teammate through it all, even when a flight change meant we had to find housing in Seattle instead of Portland with only two hour’s notice!

Moving boxes and friends to help! Despite social distancing, many friends helped us prepare to move by giving us boxes, coming over in solo shifts or pairs to help us pack, loading the trailer, and cleaning our house. As I unpack each box, I think of each friend and feel deeply loved by each one.

Buy Nothing with my neighbors! The weather and lack of public events make it difficult to meet new people here, so I joined a local Buy Nothing group online. I’ve given away some items and received the loan of a hand truck and the gift of these lamp shades, which make me smile each time I see them.

Texas friends and family! It feels like I don’t know anyone here, compared to a lifetime of friendships built in Eugene, but in a week, I’ve already been able to see a few different friends and family members, who are excited to have us so close! All of my nieces and nephews live far away from me, but now I get to see Elise and her three young kids, who moved here recently from Eugene.

Oregon friends and family! I can’t adequately describe the support I’ve received over the past month through personal emails, cards, texts, phone calls, and especially prayers from so many people at UFC and in my Eugene community. I was able to visit a few of my favorite Oregon trails before leaving, and I still get to see familiar names each Sunday on the livestream after virtually visiting Texas churches!